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Two experiments were conducted to estimate total non-protein energy and nitrogen requirements in growing healthy male Wistar rats nourished by parenteral nutrition. In experiment 1, non-protein energy varying from 30 to 70 kcal/day/rat were administered to animals receiving a constant dose of 80 mg nitrogen, plus vitamins and minerals. In experiment 2,(More)
Tramadol is a centrally acting weak μ opioid agonist that has few of the adverse side effects common to other opioids. Little work has been done to establish an effective analgesic dose of tramadol specific for surgical laparotomy and visceral manipulation in mice. We used general appearance parameters to score positive indicators of pain including posture,(More)
RFA is used in treatment of patients with hepatocellular cancer (HCC); however, tumor location and size often limit therapeutic efficacy. The absence of a realistic animal model and a radiofrequency ablation (RFA) suitable for small animals presents significant obstacles in developing new strategies. To establish a realistic RFA platform that allows the(More)
The effect of opioids on the immunopathology of sepsis models in mice has been controversial. In previous work, we showed that mortality and various inflammatory parameters did not differ between female mice given saline or buprenorphine after cecal ligation and puncture. To investigate further, we hypothesized that buprenorphine would not affect outcomes(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare physiological and perceptual responses while lifting with different combinations of ceiling restriction and horizontal reach. METHODS Four lifting conditions with different combinations of ceiling height ('normal' (N) or reduced (R) to 1460 mm) and reach demands (400 mm (N) and 800 mm (F)) were tested. PARTICIPANTS Thirty two(More)
Story From the Front Lines A 65-year-old man with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension was seen in clinic for hospital follow-up. He had previously been admitted to the hospital with slurred speech and aphasia and diagnosed as having a left middle cerebral artery ischemic infarct. Tissue plasminogen activator(More)
Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) serve as intermediate energy substrates for peripheral tissues. Experiments were conducted to evaluate protein-sparing properties of BCAA at different doses without dextrose. Forty healthy male adult Wistar rats, weighing 437 +/- 34 gm, were randomly assigned to one of five groups. Four groups of eight rats were cannulated(More)
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