Allison M May

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Immunofluorescent staining is central to nearly all cell-based research, yet only a few fluorescent signal amplification approaches for cell staining exist, each with distinct limitations. Here, the authors present a novel, fluorescent polymerization-based amplification (FPBA) method that is shown to enable similar signal intensities as the highly(More)
PLANTS FROM SEVERAL FAMILIES (CHENOPODIACEAE, GRAMINEAE, COMPOSITAE) ACCUMULATE BETAINE (GLYCINE BETAINE) IN RESPONSE TO SALT OR WATER STRESS VIA THE PATHWAY: choline --> betainal (betaine aldehyde) --> betaine. Betaine accumulation is probably a metabolic adaptation to stress. Intact protoplasts from leaves of spinach (Spinacia oleracea) oxidized(More)
The growing need for medical diagnostics in resource limited settings is driving the development of simple, standalone immunoassay devices. A capillary flow device using polymerization based amplification is capable of blocking a microfluidic channel in response to target biomaterials, enabling multiple modes of detection that require little or no(More)
Current management of high-grade blunt renal trauma favors a nonoperative approach when possible. We performed a retrospective study of high grade blunt renal injuries at our level I trauma center to determine the indications and success of nonoperative management (NOM). 47 patients with blunt grade IV or V injuries were identified between October 2004 and(More)
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