Allison M. Caldwell

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CONTEXT The American College of Surgeons recommends that any patient with blunt trauma undergoes radiographic evaluation, including a radiograph of the pelvis. Studies have questioned the use of such routine pelvic radiographs (PXR) in pediatrics. Selective elimination of PXR would save time, money and unshielded radiation exposure to the gonads. (More)
The title compound, [SnI(4)(C(25)H(22)O(2)P(2))]·CHCl(3), crystallized from a chloro-form solution of SnI(4) and the diphosphine CH(2)(PPh(2))(2) exposed to air. The monomeric complex displays a distorted octa-hedral coordinaton for the tin(IV) atom with average Sn-I and Sn-O bond lengths of 2.79 (2) and 2.15 (1) Å, respectively.
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