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Young adults with migraine headaches and nonmigraineurs were compared by means of two questionnaire batteries (the 16 P-F and PRF) and sets of specific measures focused on stimulation-seeking and independence. A number of low correlations were obtained but overall, results tend to contradict the existence of a "migraine personality" as a measureable entity.
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a serious health problem that affects the reproductive capacity and the sexual activities of women. Approximately 50,000 cases are reported annually resulting in severe pain, reduced fertility and costly health care. Diagnosis of PID requires a complex analysis of the history, a thorough physical examination and(More)
Since the 1940s diaphragms have been a popular contraceptive device used by women in the United States. This study compared three popular diaphragms and women's subjective comparisons of comfort, ease of insertion, and overall satisfaction. None of the three types, the wideseal, coil spring, or arcing spring, was found to be statistically more comfortable(More)
Setting/Participants: 208 consecutive patients seen in an outpatient memory clinic in London, Ontario, Canada (63 with diagnosis of mild dementia, 86 with diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, 59 with normal cognition) for whom both a MoCA and RUDAS could be completed. Measurements: The MoCA and the RUDAS were administered to all participants, sensitivity(More)
Herpes genitalia is a common and serious sexually transmitted disease currently affecting five million people. Herpes simplex I and II are two of the five herpes viruses that affect humans. This article discusses the diagnosis and care of clients with genital herpes. The major focus of this article delineates the nurse practitioner's role in providing care(More)
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