Allison Larkin

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Dermatophagoides had been established as an antigen in house dust by many investigators. An untapped source of cross antigenicity is presented in this paper, namely, Otodectes cyanotis, the mite found in the ears of millions of cats. House dust samples for mite species in other parts of the world may not be similar to samples in the United States since in(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) is a leading cause of childhood mortality. Research suggests that vitamin D deficiency (VDD) puts children at risk for ALRI. The purpose of this review is to examine ALRI and VDD in children 5 years and younger. Common etiologies, diagnosis, prevention, treatment of ALRI, and recommendations for vitamin(More)
BACKGROUND The number of patch test allergens available within the United States for routine commercial purchase is limited. Allergens chosen for inclusion in routine screening series or patch test trays vary, and the degree of information obtained from any series may or may not serve a patient's needs. OBJECTIVE Knowledge of how well the allergens chosen(More)
The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate the use of specific criteria and examiner calibration on the reliability of inexperienced examiners on dental sealant evaluations. Dental (N = 8) and dental hygiene (N = 8) students participated as examiners. The study objectives were to identify differences in calibrated and non-calibrated examiners,(More)
A critique of standardized bronchial provocation procedures is presented in order to make this increasingly important methodology more clinically popular. At the present time when sophisticated technology is taking the patient away from even well trained physicians, this is an attempt to abbreviate a valuable technique for the needs of a busy office(More)
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