Allison L. Schure

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BACKGROUND Several Chlamydia pneumoniae (Cp) biomarkers have been associated with asthma but Cp-specific IgE (Cp IgE) has not been investigated extensively. Our objective was to investigate Cp IgE in community adult asthma patients. METHODS (1) Prevalence of Cp IgE (measured by immunoblotting) and Cp DNA (by polymerase chain reaction) in peripheral blood,(More)
Maraviroc (MVC) gels are effective at protecting rhesus macaques from vaginal SHIV transmission, but breakthrough infections can occur. To determine the effects of a vaginal MVC gel on infecting SHIV populations in a macaque model, we analyzed plasma samples from three rhesus macaques that received a MVC vaginal gel (day 0) but became infected after(More)
Myoballs, spherical muscle cell regenerates, have two types of Na+ channels, the adult type with a high sensitivity to the Na+ channel blocker tetrodotoxin (TTX), and the juvenile type with 10 times less TTX sensitivity. The potential dependence of the steady-state inactivation of the Na+ channels (h infinity-curve) was studied in 50 rat myoballs with the(More)
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