Allison L. Holloway

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Two trends are converging to make the CPU cost of a table scan a more important component of database performance. First, table scans are becoming a larger fraction of the query processing workload, and second, large memories and compression are making table scans CPU, rather than disk bandwidth, bound. Data warehouse systems have found that they can avoid(More)
— This paper introduces the concept of problem stores: static stores whose dependent loads often miss in the cache. Accurately identifying problem stores allows the early determination of addresses likely to cause later misses, potentially allowing for the development of novel, proactive prefetching and memory hierarchy management schemes. We present a(More)
i ii For Heather, my partner in all things. I am endlessly thankful for my wife Heather and her love and support during graduate school and all my other endeavors. is dissertation is dedicated to her. Heather, I love you. I am also thankful for my wonderful daughters Elizabeth and Chloe, who serve as constant reminders that there is more to life than the(More)
The era of billion transistor chips is fast approaching, and the emerging trend is to use these transistors to integrate multiple processors onto a single chip. In this paper, we explore the core design for a chip multiprocessor (CMP). We have found that out-of-order cores provide better absolute performance than in-order cores, both for commercial and(More)
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