Allison L. Burnett

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Approximately half of the world's population lives in the tropics, and future changes in the hydrological cycle will impact not just the freshwater supplies but also energy production in areas dependent upon hydroelectric power. It is vital that we understand the mechanisms/processes that affect tropical precipitation and the eventual surface hydrological(More)
The gastrodermal secretory cells inHydra viridis are limited to specific regions in the body column. There are two types of mucous cells present, and they are limited to the hypostome. The zymogen cells are absent from the hypostome, but they extend along the body column from the tentacles to the peduncle. Transection beneath the tentacles produces a(More)
The fresh water coelenterateHydra viridis possesses a unique distribution of mucous and serous secretory cells in the gastrodermis. The mucous cells are found only in the hypostome, a region devoid of the serous zymogen cells. On the other hand, the zymogen cells are found extending from the tentacles to the peduncle. Histochemical stains indicated that the(More)
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