Allison L. Blum

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BACKGROUND A common feature of memory and its underlying synaptic plasticity is that each can be dissected into short-lived forms involving modification or trafficking of existing proteins and long-term forms that require new gene expression. An underlying assumption of this cellular view of memory consolidation is that these different mechanisms occur(More)
Institute of Biotechnology One of the defining characteristics of memory is that Hsinchu 30043 initially it is labile, but with time it can be consolidated Taiwan to a longer-lasting form that is resistant to disruption. 2 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Immediately after training, for instance, memory can be 1 Bungtown Road disrupted by a variety of(More)
Regional and global relationships of lung function and structure were studied using hyperpolarized ³He MRI in a rat elastase-induced model of emphysema (n = 4) and healthy controls (n = 5). Fractional ventilation (r) and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) of ³He were measured at a submillimeter planar resolution in ventral, middle, and dorsal slices 6 mo(More)
BACKGROUND In both vertebrate and invertebrate animals, anesthetic agents cause retrograde amnesia for recently experienced events. In contrast, older memories are resistant to the same treatments. In Drosophila, anesthesia-resistant memory (ARM) and long-term memory (LTM) are genetically distinct forms of long-lasting memory that exist in parallel for at(More)
4-Aryl-substituted N-thiolated beta-lactams are a new family of antibacterial agents possessing unique structure-activity profiles and a mode of action. Unlike traditional beta-lactam antibiotics, which require highly polar enzyme-binding groups, these lactams bear hydrophobic groups on their side chains. In this study, we examine the effect that increasing(More)
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