Allison K. O'Leary

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Whites perceive racial categorization to less essentialized/fixed when a racial out-group member takes actions to appear White. Participants were given racialphenotypic transformation scenarios. In response to a vignette depicting an Asian American woman who underwent surgery resulting in Caucasian shaped eyes, participants re-categorized her as more White(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare utilities for prenatal testing outcomes among women inclined to continue their pregnancy despite abnormal results versus those inclined to terminate and to analyze how differences affect optimal prenatal testing strategies. METHOD Time tradeoff utilities for 23 outcomes were elicited from 281 women. We compared utilities based on(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity rates have more than doubled among children and have tripled among adolescents since the 1980s, and currently more than one third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese. Parental divorce is a time of family upheaval, yet little is known about the family processes that link family structure and obesity. METHODS The current(More)
Predicting an organism’s vulnerability to future increases in temperature requires an understanding of the factors that set their upper temperature tolerance. Previous investigations of cardiac performance and thermal tolerance limits in the fingered limpet, Lottia digitalis, have shown that limpets exposed to a thermal ramp under emersed conditions(More)
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