Allison James Taylor

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Demonstration of the thoracic spinal cord by computed tomography (CT) without intrathecal contrast medium has not been reported frequently. We studied the factors that affect the demonstration of the thoracic spinal cord by CT. Slice thickness, artifacts, the size of the subarachnoid space, and dose were the most important factors. With optimal factors, CT(More)
In 1900 Taylor and Haughton described a technique to define a line on the scalp directly above the central (rolandic) fissure. The Taylor-Haughton line was used to identify the central fissure in computed tomography (CT) images. Radiopaque catheters are placed on the scalp on either side of the Taylor-Haughton line prior to CT imaging. The accuracy of the(More)
We present a method for determining the design of a high speed, frequent passenger service. The paper identifies measures of train performance and relates these to the track design parameters. Both a theoretical construct for an idealized line and the use of a simulation model to examine design sensitivity under traffic perturbations are discussed.(More)
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