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In this report of a study using the Team Climate Inventory (TCI) tool, the researchers explain how the tool can be used in preparation for creating a practice development unit (PDU). The TCI provides a picture of the level and quality of teamwork in a unit using a series of Likert scales. The ward in this study was found to lack the necessary level of(More)
Fractures of the spinal column during rugby matches of all codes are rare but catastrophic, especially when associated with spinal cord injury. The cervical spine is vulnerable during trauma to the head and neck in contact sports. Spinal injuries reported during rugby matches have almost exclusively involved the cervical region, often with neurological(More)
Patient satisfaction with care has frequently been used as a measurement of quality, especially in attempts to demonstrate the benefits of changes in nursing practice. Unfortunately such attempts have frequently failed as patient satisfaction ratings have lacked sensitivity, consistently achieving very high scores. They have also failed to isolate the(More)
In this column, Allison and Paul Walsh share the story of the birth of Nora, their third baby and their second child to be born at home. Allison and Paul share their individual memories of labor and birth. But their story is only part of the story of Nora's birth. Nora's birth was a family event, with Allison and Paul's other children very much part of the(More)
The use of the 2-point seat belt or lap belt in motor vehicles, particularly to restrain young rear seat passengers, remains an issue of some concern. The occurrence of lumbar spinal flexion-distraction injuries in lap belt restrained children and adolescents during road traffic accidents is a well known phenomenon, but is still occurring. High velocity(More)
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