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BACKGROUND Although the amygdala and insula are regarded as critical neural substrates perpetuating cigarette smoking, little is known about their circuit-level interactions with interconnected regions during nicotine withdrawal or following pharmacotherapy administration. To elucidate neurocircuitry associated with early smoking abstinence, we examined the(More)
Alexithymia is a personality trait characterized by difficulty indentifying and describing subjective emotional experiences. Decreased aptitude in the perception, evaluation, and communication of affectively laden mental states has been associated with reduced emotion regulation, more severe drug craving in addicts, and structural/functional alterations in(More)
Hyperactive amygdala functioning may underlie emotional dysregulation during smoking abstinence and represents one neurobiological target for pharmacological cessation aids. Available pharmacotherapies (e.g., nicotine replacement and varenicline) aid only a subset of individuals with smoking cessation and therefore elucidating the neurobiological impact of(More)
Attenuated activity in performance-monitoring brain regions following erroneous actions may contribute to the repetition of maladaptive behaviors such as continued drug use. Externalizing is a broad personality construct characterized by deficient impulse control, vulnerability to addiction and reduced neurobiological indices of error processing. The insula(More)
INTRODUCTION Anhedonia has been recognized as a major risk factor for smoking persistence. Potential gender differences in the effect of anhedonia on smoking cessation have not been studied. Using data from a completed clinical trial of maintenance nicotine patch therapy, we hypothesized that gender would moderate the effect of anhedonia on short-term(More)
Objective: Evaluate whether smoking exposure and depressive symptoms accumulated over 25 years are synergistically associated with subclinical heart disease, measured by coronary artery calcification (CAC). Method: Participants (baseline: 54.5% women; 51.5% Black; age range = 18-30 years) were followed prospectively from 1985 to 2010 in the Coronary Artery(More)
was used for rapid facial imaging at the patient bedside. The camera uses a " structured light " method of data acquisition that is converted to stereolithographic files. Figure 2. Initial mask design was performed by drafting a three-dimensional drawing of a standard infant nasal mask (Fisher and Paykel, Auckland, New Zealand) into computer-assisted design(More)
  • Allison Carroll Goldman, Avery Goldstein, Allison Carroll, Goldman Advisor
  • 2014
In the past 10 years, China has grown its higher education sector into the largest in the world. At the same time, growing international integration of Chinese institutions means increasing cross-fertilization of ideas across national borders. While the literature on these developments has focused largely on their economic implications, this study asks what(More)
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