Allison Holloway

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BACKGROUND Athletes are expected to consider multiple factors when making informed decision about nutritional supplement use. Besides rules, regulations and potential health hazards, the efficacy of different nutritional supplements in performance enhancement is a key issue. The aim of this paper was to find evidence for informed decision making by(More)
BACKGROUND The widespread use of nutritional supplements among athletes is poorly understood. The prevalence of supplement intake and users' knowledge have been researched independently leading to useful, but disconnected, information on supplement use. METHODS The 'UK Sport 2005 Drug Free Survey' data (n = 874) were re-analysed using association [chi2](More)
i ii For Heather, my partner in all things. I am endlessly thankful for my wife Heather and her love and support during graduate school and all my other endeavors. is dissertation is dedicated to her. Heather, I love you. I am also thankful for my wonderful daughters Elizabeth and Chloe, who serve as constant reminders that there is more to life than the(More)
 It is customary for authors of academic books to include in their prefaces statements such as this: " I am indebted to ... for their invaluable help; however, any errors which remain are my sole responsibility. " Occasionally an author will go further. Rather than say that if there are any mistakes then he is responsible for them, he will(More)
Over the last few years, the information technology industry has witnessed revolutions in multiple dimensions. Increasing ubiquitous sources of data have posed two connected challenges to data management solutions – processing unprecedented volumes of data, and providing ad-hoc real-time analysis in mainstream production data stores without compromising(More)
The era of billion transistor chips is fast approaching, and the emerging trend is to use these transistors to integrate multiple processors onto a single chip. In this paper, we explore the core design for a chip multiprocessor (CMP). We have found that out-of-order cores provide better absolute performance than in-order cores, both for commercial and(More)
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