Allison Hartney

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Dopamine D(5) receptor localization has been difficult because even the most specific ligands cannot distinguish between molecular subtypes of the D(1)-like receptor subfamily. Antifusion protein rabbit polyclonal antibodies directed against the C-terminus of human D(5) receptor were therefore developed for immunolocalization of the D(5) receptor protein in(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the introduction of a supportive care screening and referral process into clinical practice for patients with cancer, and to determine how clinicians' actions compared to evidence-based protocols contained within the Supportive Care Resource Kit. A Supportive Care Resource Kit was developed as a resource for clinicians(More)
Learning rates were examined in the following inbred mice strains: DBA/2, C3H/He, C57B1/6J, E1, and ddY. DBA/2 mice become susceptible to audiogenic seizures after 2-3 weeks of age and E1 mice have generalized seizures in response to handling after 3 months of age, but the remaining three strains do not develop seizures. In this study, mice from all five(More)
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