Allison H Maffey

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We have reported earlier the occurrence of a specific histone H2B variant in human testis and sperm. Here we have structurally characterized this protein, its association with the rest of the histone octamer, and its effects on the nucleosome structure. We show that a reconstituted octamer consisting of hTSH2B and a stoichiometric complement of histones(More)
The promoter of the murine probasin (PB) gene exhibits strong androgen receptor (AR)-specific and tissue-specific regulation and is considered a promising candidate for gene therapy treatment of advanced prostate cancer. To characterize the determinants of chromatin specificity of the PB promoter with the AR we initially investigated the in vitro(More)
The functional and structural chromatin roles of H2A.Z are still controversial. This work represents a further attempt to resolve the current functional and structural dichotomy by characterizing chromatin structures containing native H2A.Z. We have analyzed the role of this variant in mediating the stability of the histone octamer in solution using(More)
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