Allison Gamble Kelley

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OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of a community-based mutual health organization (MHO) on utilization of priority health services, financial protection of its members and inclusion of the poor and other target groups. METHODS Four MHOs were established in two districts in Mali. A case-control study was carried out in which household survey data were(More)
As global commitment grows to protect and support children affected by HIV and AIDS, questions remain about how best to meet the needs of these children in low prevalence settings and whether information from high prevalence countries can appropriately guide programming in these settings. A 2007 search for the evidence in low prevalence settings on(More)
Improving the quality of clinical care in developing country settings is a difficult task, both in public sector settings where supervision is infrequent and in private sector settings where supervision and certification are non-existent. This study tested a low-cost method, self-assessment, for improving the quality of care that providers offer in a(More)
Both Senegal and Ethiopia have recently undertaken changes in the political and financial administration of government services, decentralizing decisionmaking power to local levels. In Senegal, decentralization of health service planning and implementation to the district level poses both challenges and opportunities to the financing, treatment, and(More)
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