Allison E. Connell Pensky

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Long-term memory of haptic, visual, and cross-modality information was investigated. In Experiment 1, subjects briefly explored 40 commonplace objects visually or haptically and then received a recognition test with categorically similar foils in the same or the alternative modality both immediately and after 1 week. Recognition was best for visual input(More)
It remains controversial whether using two hands and multiple fingers provides any perceptual advantage over a single index finger. The present study examines this long-running question in the haptic-exploration literature by applying rigorous, psychophysical, and mathematical modeling techniques. We compared the performance of fourteen blindfolded sighted(More)
We review evidence of spatial abilities in the blind and address proposed limitations of haptic perception (the combination of tactile, proprioceptive, and kines-thetic information) in forming spatial representations. In particular, we counter the idea that touch is sequential and permits only egocentric representations. We consider specific spatial(More)
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