Allison D Dupuy

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The pH-selective insertion and folding of a membrane peptide, pHLIP [pH (low) insertion peptide], can be used to target acidic tissue in vivo, including acidic foci in tumors, kidneys, and inflammatory sites. In a mouse breast adenocarcinoma model, fluorescently labeled pHLIP finds solid acidic tumors with high accuracy and accumulates in them even at a(More)
In the Fluid Mosaic Model for biological membrane structure, proposed by Singer and Nicolson in 1972, the lipid bilayer is represented as a neutral two-dimensional solvent in which the proteins of the membrane are dispersed and distributed randomly. The model portrays the membrane as dominated by a membrane lipid bilayer, directly exposed to the aqueous(More)
The folding of alpha-helical membrane proteins has previously been described using the two stage model, in which the membrane insertion of independently stable alpha-helices is followed by their mutual interactions within the membrane to give higher order folding and oligomerization. Given recent advances in our understanding of membrane protein structure(More)
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