Allison Cooperman

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PURPOSE Prior studies (e.g., Nath & Beauchamp, 2012) report large individual variability in the extent to which participants are susceptible to the McGurk effect, a prominent audiovisual (AV) speech illusion. The current study evaluated whether susceptibility to the McGurk effect (MGS) is related to lipreading skill and whether multiple measures of MGS that(More)
When perceiving spoken language, listeners must match the incoming acoustic phonetic input to lexical representations in memory. Models that quantify this process propose that the input activates multiple lexical representations in parallel and that these activated representations compete for recognition (Weber & Scharenborg, 2012). In two experiments, we(More)
A newly defined clinical syndrome, haemorrhagic cellulitis, is described in 12 patients. The syndrome consists of an acute onset of extremely painful erythema affecting dependent areas, followed by dermal haemorrhage and sloughing of the overlying epidermis, and requiring both antibiotics and systemic corticosteroids for complete resolution. The patients(More)
The present study examined how patient risk factors and clinician demographics predict the assessment of suicide risk. Clinicians (N = 333) read two vignettes, one of which manipulated patient risk factors, then rated the patient's likelihood of suicide and need for hospitalization. Clinicians' assessments were heterogeneous. Results indicated that certain(More)
OBJECTIVES The small body of neuropsychological research in paediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) yields inconsistent results. A recent meta-analysis found small effect sizes, concluding that paediatric OCD may not be associated with cognitive impairments, stressing the need for more research. We investigated neuropsychological performance in a(More)
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