Allison C Morrill

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The authors examined sexual factors for HIV risk in 1,003 women of Puerto Rican heritage who attended a community-based NewYork City hospital clinic. Participants' ages ranged from 18 to 73 years. Half were born in the continental United States, and half were born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. All were sexually active within the past 90 days with a(More)
This paper examines sexual risk for HIV among 2,318 Latina (60%) and African American (40%) women with a steady male partner who were attending an urban outpatient clinic. We compared ethnic groups on demographic characteristics (including being born in the U.S.) and sexual HIV risk factors (number of partners, history of sexually transmitted infection,(More)
Women of diverse backgrounds from 4 community health clinics in southern Connecticut were involved in a longitudinal, prospective study (n = 189). Data from interviews 3 months apart were used for the current analyses. The purpose of this study was to develop predictive models of safer sexual behavior among heterosexual women. Specifically, there was an(More)
PURPOSE In this paper, we develop and test a model for predicting sexual risk for HIV and other STDs. METHODS Researchers interviewed 528 women and men with a history of substance abuse about their past experiences of physical and sexual abuse, symptoms, and sexual risk behavior (number of partners, trading sex for drugs or money, unprotected intercourse,(More)
This study investigated the relation between employment and cholesterol in 541 women aged 42-50 years who resided in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1985-1988. Employment, health-related variables, and cholesterol were assessed at baseline and 3 years later. At baseline, employed and nonemployed women did not differ in cholesterol or health behaviors.(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the consequences of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) counseling and testing for seronegative women in terms of sexual behavior and psychological outcomes. DESIGN The design is prospective and longitudinal, using repeated measures. Participants were interviewed at recruitment, 2 weeks later (when tested women received results), and 3(More)
PURPOSE The benefits of kangaroo care (KC) are well supported by previously published studies, yet KC is offered inconsistently and faces obstacles in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The March of Dimes designed Close to Me to facilitate and increase KC in NICUs. The program incorporates KC education for nurses and parents, as well as awareness and(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the relationship between language acculturation of disabled Puerto Rican elderly and their caregivers, their length of residence in mainland United States, and the utilization of formal services. METHODS Language acculturation was measured by language use, understanding, and preferences. The sample of this study consisted of(More)
This study examined how women in a clinic-based sample in New Haven, Connecticut, (N = 168), have been affected by the AIDS epidemic. The aims of this study were to (a) document the proportion of women who knew individuals who were HIV positive, who were symptomatic with AIDS, or who had died from AIDS; (b) compare the demographics of women who knew someone(More)
Behavioral and psychological consequences of HIV counseling and testing (HIV C&T) for women were examined in a longitudinal, prospective study. Women who received HIV C&T at community health clinics (n = 106) and a comparison group of never-tested women (n = 54) were interviewed five times over 18 months. There was no change in risk behaviors as a(More)