Allison C Morrill

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Women of diverse backgrounds from 4 community health clinics in southern Connecticut were involved in a longitudinal, prospective study (n = 189). Data from interviews 3 months apart were used for the current analyses. The purpose of this study was to develop predictive models of safer sexual behavior among heterosexual women. Specifically, there was an(More)
This study examined how women in a clinic-based sample in New Haven, Connecticut, (N = 168), have been affected by the AIDS epidemic. The aims of this study were to (a) document the proportion of women who knew individuals who were HIV positive, who were symptomatic with AIDS, or who had died from AIDS; (b) compare the demographics of women who knew someone(More)
Behavioral and psychological consequences of HIV counseling and testing (HIV C&T) for women were examined in a longitudinal, prospective study. Women who received HIV C&T at community health clinics (n = 106) and a comparison group of never-tested women (n = 54) were interviewed five times over 18 months. There was no change in risk behaviors as a(More)
Child maltreatment results in significant individual, family, and societal costs. This study assessed the efficacy of All Babies Cry (ABC), a media-based infant maltreatment prevention program, using a mixed-method, quasi-experimental staged evaluation design. ABC's messaging, designed and tested through a series of focus groups, provides strategies for(More)
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