Allison C. Gee

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The effectiveness of estrogens in stimulating gene transcription mediated by the estrogen receptor (ER) appears to depend on ER interactions with coactivator proteins. These coactivators bind to ER when it is liganded with an estrogen agonist, but not when it is liganded with an estrogen antagonist. Because estrogen agonists are known to induce a(More)
Seven strains of bacteria were isolated from Pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas, with a focal or systemic disease. The strains were aerobic, Gram-positive, acid-fast, produced a mycelium which fragmented into irregular rod-like elements, had a peptidoglycan containing meso-diaminopimelic acid, arabinose and galactose as major sugars, mycolic acids with(More)
The heat-shock response in cells, involving increased transcription of a specific set of genes in response to a sudden increase in temperature, is a highly conserved biological response occurring in all organisms. Despite considerable attention to the processes activated during heat shock, less is known about the role of genes in survival of a sudden(More)
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