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This study developed a situation-specific instrument that measures assertiveness of adolescents. The Assertiveness Scale for Adolescents (ASA), which contains 33 items, was constructed using a multiple-choice format with three response alternatives. Based on data from 682 elementary and secondary school students, adequate reliability and validity of the ASA(More)
The discourse of safety has informed the care of individuals with mental illness through institutionalization and into modern psychiatric nursing practices. Confinement arose from safety: out of both societal stigma and fear for public safety, as well as benevolently paternalistic aims to protect individuals from self-harm. In this paper, we argue that(More)
An Associative Elaboration Scale and an Integration Scale were constructed for evaluating Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) protocols. Interrater reliabilities and the correlation between the two scales were determined for a selection of TAT cards. The Integration Scale was dropped from further analyses, because its interrater reliabilities were low and it(More)
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