Allen W Harrah

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Forty-one professional baseball players volunteered for upper extremity range of motion measurements and isokinetic testing for internal and external shoulder rotation. Pitchers demonstrated 9 degrees more external shoulder rotation with the arm abducted, 5 degrees more forearm pronation, and 9 degrees less shoulder extension on the dominant side compared(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the survival, morbidity, and cost of treating women with intermediate risk endometrial cancer with postoperative vaginal cuff brachytherapy versus observation followed by treatment for vaginal recurrence. METHODS A cost-effectiveness analysis was performed comparing two treatment strategies for intermediate risk endometrial cancer(More)
Twenty-five patients with combined tears of the meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament in the same knee were evaluated for the results of a simple arthroscopic meniscectomy that preserved the meniscal rim. These patients, classified as "recreational athletes," were analyzed to determine their postoperative functional capabilities. Using the presence or(More)
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