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Competitive pressures in the cow-calf sector increased in 1995 because of a decline of 27% in calf prices. Technical, allocative, and scale efficiency measures were used to examine theExpand
An Examination of Farm Sector Real Asset Dynamics: 1910–85
The dynamic response of real farm asset values to changes in net returns and interest rates is studied using vector autoregression. Results show that a shock in real asset values, real returns toExpand
Effects of Credit Constraints on Productivity and Rural Household Income in China
Agricultural production is strongly conditioned by the fact that inputs are transformed into outputs with considerable time lags, causing the rural household to balance its budget during the seasonExpand
A comparison of crop production functions using simulated data for irrigated corn in western Kansas
Abstract A synthetic approach is used to deal with lack of available yield data for production function estimation. Corn yield data from the CERES-Maize simulator for western Kansas are used toExpand
Fundamental q, Cash Flow, and Investment: Evidence from Farm Panel Data
This study used a 19761992 panel data set to test whether farm machinery investors face finance constraints. Tests were based on fundamental q investment equations in which cash flow was added as anExpand
Effects of decoupling on the mean and variability of output
The influence of inputs on output risk in the context of agricultural production decisions taken by non-risk neutral agents has been ignored by previous research assessing the effects of decoupledExpand
Agricultural Policy Reform and Off-farm Labour Decisions
Off-farm labour decisions of a sample of Kansas farmers are evaluated. The central question of our analysis pertains to whether 1996 US farm policy reforms may have altered the decisions to work offExpand
Empirical Properties of Duality Theory
This research examines selected empirical properties of duality relationships. Monte Carlo experiments indicate that Hessian matrices estimated from the normalised unrestricted profit, restrictedExpand
Factors Influencing a Farmer's Decision to Invest in Long-Term Conservation Improvements
This investigation considers factors affecting the investment in long-term conservation improvements during the 1980s. A sample of 541 Kansas farms was used to investigate the effects of variousExpand
Quantitative assessment of improved rice variety adoption: the farmer's perspective
Abstract Using data collected from 400 farming households in the Casamance area of Senegal, the paper demonstrates that not only farm and farmers’ characteristics, but also farmers’ perceptions ofExpand