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In this work we investigate the problem of scheduling instructions on idealized microprocessors with multiple pipelines, in the presence of precedence constraints, release-times, deadlines, and latency constraints. A latency of <italic>l<subscrpt>ij</subscrpt></italic> specifies that there must be at least <italic>l<subscrpt>ij</subscrpt></italic>(More)
Programmers for GPGPU face rapidly changing substrate of programming abstractions, execution models, and hardware implementations. It has been established, through numerous demonstrations for particular conjunctions of application kernel, programming languages, and GPU hardware instance, that it is possible to achieve significant improvements in the(More)
Static Single Assignment (SSA) is an effective intermediate representation in optimizing compilers. However, traditional SSA form and optimizations are not applicable to programs represented as native machine instructions because the use of dedicated registers imposed by calling conventions, the runtime system, and target architecture must be made explicit.(More)
This study is a prospective cluster-randomized controlled clinical trial involving 710 elderly subjects to investigate the long-term effects of low-magnitude high-frequency vibration (LMHFV) on fall and fracture rates, muscle performance, and bone quality. The results confirmed that LMHFV is effective in reducing fall incidence and enhancing muscle(More)
Emerging computing architectures present concurrent, heterogeneous, and hierarchical organizations. Explicit management of distributed memories, bulk communications, and the careful scheduling of data and computation for locality of reference appear to be necessary to achieve high efficiencies relative to the peak performance. In some cases, the(More)
Enabled by RISC technologies, low-cost commodity microprocessors are performing at ever increasing levels, significantly via instruction level parallelism (ILP). This in turn increases the opportunities for their use in a variety of day-to-day applications ranging from the simple control of appliances such as microwave ovens, to sophisticated systems for(More)
The annual incidence of venous thromboembolism is approximately 117 per 100,000 persons or about 1 per 1000 person-years, with the majority of the disease occurring in the older age groups. Factor V Leiden gene (most common) and the prothrombin G20210A gene mutation are inherited mild to moderate risk factors for hypercoagulability. The anticoagulant(More)
Squamous metaplasia and cystic change can appear in the thyroid and mimic a variety of lesions. In this report, a patient with two dominant left thyroid nodules underwent fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy for each nodule. One of the nodules was diagnosed as consistent with papillary carcinoma and the other as suspicious for papillary carcinoma. Subsequent(More)