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Programmers for GPGPU face rapidly changing substrate of programming abstractions, execution models, and hardware implementations. It has been established, through numerous demonstrations for particular conjunctions of application kernel, programming languages, and GPU hardware instance, that it is possible to achieve significant improvements in the(More)
In this work we investigate the problem of scheduling instructions on idealized microprocessors with multiple pipelines, in the presence of precedence constraints, release-times, deadlines, and latency constraints. A latency of <italic>l<subscrpt>ij</subscrpt></italic> specifies that there must be at least <italic>l<subscrpt>ij</subscrpt></italic>(More)
We present a case of intraarticular myositis ossificans in the right knee of a child. Myositis ossificans (MO), though relatively rare in childhood and even more uncommon within a joint, should be included in the differential diagnosis of an intra-articular mass when indicated by the typical clinical, radiographic, and histologic findings. An 11-year-old(More)
Emerging computing architectures present concurrent, heterogeneous , and hierarchical organizations. Explicit management of distributed memories, bulk communications, and the careful scheduling of data and computation for locality of reference appear to be necessary to achieve high efficiencies relative to the peak performance. In some cases, the(More)
Enabled by RISC technologies, low-cost commodity microprocessors are performing at ever increasing levels, signiicantly via instruction level parallelism (ILP). This in turn increases the opportunities for their use in a variety of day-today applications ranging from the simple control of appliances such as microwave ovens, to sophisticated systems for(More)
Instruction scheduling is central to achieving performance in modern processors with instruction level parallelism (ILP). Classical work in this area has spanned the theoretical foundations of algorithms for instruction scheduling with provable optimality, as well as heuristic approaches with experimentally validated performance improvements. Typically, the(More)