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The electroacoustic characteristics of a hearing instrument are normally selected for individuals using data obtained during audiological assessment. The precise inter-relationship between the electroacoustic and audiometric variables is most readily appreciated when they have been measured at the same reference point, such as the tympanic membrane.(More)
C3H/HeJBir is a mouse substrain that is highly susceptible to colitis. Their CD4+ T cells react to Ags of the commensal enteric bacteria, and the latter can mediate colitis when activated by these Ags and transferred to histocompatible scid recipients. In this study, multiple long-term C3H/HeJBir CD4+ T cell (Bir) lines reactive to commensal enteric(More)
BACKGROUND Despite its promise as a highly useful therapy for pancreatic cancer (PC), the addition of external beam radiation therapy to PC treatment has shown varying success in clinical trials. Understanding PC radioresistance and discovery of methods to sensitise PC to radiation will increase patient survival and improve quality of life. In this study,(More)
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