Allen L. White

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Servicizing the transformation from product-to ser vice-based enterprise is a major force in changing how firms manage material input, throughput, and output. Redefinition of the firm as a service provider instead of a product manufacturer means that function, not form, is the source of added value delivered to the customer. To realize the(More)
Trust and confidence are key ingredients of a well-functioning market economy. ..We encourage the many initiatives underway, in national capitals, international financial institutions and by international standard-setting bodies, to strengthen governance standards and disclosure regimes. If we are to join traditional and social values so as to generate a(More)
Acknowledgements This report, the result of Phase I of the State Pollution Prevention Regulatory Integration Initiative (SPRINT) Project, was made possible through the generous support of the Pew Charitable Trusts and Heinz Endowments. Special thanks to Shelley Hearne of Pew and Andrew McElwaine of Heinz for their guidance throughout the project. The(More)