Allen L Powell

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The empathy-altruism hypothesis claims that prosocial motivation associated with feeling empathy for a person in need is directed toward the ultimate goal of benefiting that person, not toward some subtle form of self-benefit. We explored two new egoistic alternatives to this hypothesis. The empathy-specific reward hypothesis proposes that the prosocial(More)
The examination of cognitions and emotions during the bulimic cycle is critical in understanding possible maintenance factors involved in bulimia. In this study, 22 bulimics and 22 nonbulimics recorded their thoughts and feelings every 2 waking hours over a 6-day period. Bulimics additionally recorded their moods and thoughts during their binges and(More)
The National Ocean Survey (NOS) provides charts and related information for the safe navigation of marine and air commerce. Because many of these reports deal with new practices and techniques, the views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent final survey policy. NOS series NOAA Technical Reports is a continuation of, and(More)
The National Ocean Survey (NOS) provides charts and r e l a t e d information f o r the s a f e navigation o f marine and a i r commerce. The survey a l s o furnishes other e a r t h science data-from geodetic, hydrogra-t i g a t i o n s , and measurements-to protect l i f e and property and t o meet t h e needs of engineering, s c i e n t if i c , defense,(More)
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