Allen L. Brown

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This paper is an attempt to clear the following charge leveled against preference logics: preference logics rest upon the mistaken belief that concept construction can satisfactorily be carried out in isolation from theory construction (J. Mullen, Metaphilosophy 10(1979)247–255). We construct a logic of preference that is fundamental in the sense that it(More)
We develop the static and dynamic semantics of PiDuce, a process calculus with XML values, schemas, and pattern matching. PiDuce values include channel names, therefore the structure of values may not reveal anything about their schemas. This is problematic in the pattern matching algorithm because it requires to verify whether a schema of a channel is a(More)
We present some software architecture ideas for a distributed processing control and storage management environment, specifically for providing high-level services across wide area networks of high-performance computing resources. We describe the driving applications for our system, such as geographic information systems and digital libraries, and the(More)
In designing and building persistent object systems we are attempting to regularise the activities on data that are traditional in programming languages, operating systems, database management systems and file systems. We hypothesise that regularity and simplicity may be achieved by regarding the exercise as one of designing a language powerful enough to(More)