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The increased computational power and software tools available to engineers have increased the use and dependence on modeling and computer simulation throughout the design process. These tools have given engineers the capability of designing highly complex systems and computer architectures that were previously unthinkable. Every complex design project,(More)
Introduction Database systems are computerized systems for managing large amounts of data. Their principal function is to process requests from users to retrieve or alter the data they store. Traditionally, such requests must be expressed in a formal query language. Requests that are well defined are performed promptly; other requests are declined.(More)
Information retrieval is a task that must be accomplished whenever records have to be consulted to provide needed facts. The task may be simple and easy as, for example, in consulting the telephone directory. In contrast, it may require many hours of patient persistence in a well-stocked library to identify and to locate those publications, patents,(More)
  • A Kent
  • 1994
During 5 weeks of 1993, 10,000 people were wounded and over 800 killed in Kabul, capital city of Afghanistan. 50,000 refugees have fled Kabul for the countryside, or the safety of Pakistan. In the Bosnian conflict 55,000 people have been injured over the past 2 years. At the present rate, Kabul will reach this total within 6 months. My brief in Kabul was to(More)