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Introduction Database systems are computerized systems for managing large amounts of data. Their principal function is to process requests from users to retrieve or alter the data they store. Traditionally, such requests must be expressed in a formal query language. Requests that are well defined are performed promptly; other requests are declined.(More)
Information retrieval is a task that must be accomplished whenever records have to be consulted to provide needed facts. The task may be simple and easy as, for example, in consulting the telephone directory. In contrast, it may require many hours of patient persistence in a well-stocked library to identify and to locate those publications, patents,(More)
It has been my good fortune to have been involved in the information science field continuously from 1945 to the present. It all started with my final military assignment to the Air Documents Research Office in London. This experience exposed me to the state of information handling at that time. It opened up for me an interest, latent for a few years, in(More)