Allen J. Sutcliffe

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Ten trauma patients and 13 burns patients were studied intensively for the first 36 h and subsequent 6 days post injury in order to investigate the mechanism of trauma and burn associated proteinuria. Burns patient's initial maximum proteinuria occurred between 4 and 8 h post injury, whilst trauma patients showed greatest proteinuria within 4 h. In both(More)
Children with neurodevelopmental disorders are at risk of sleep problems, typically difficulty getting to sleep, sleep/wake rhythm disturbances and reduced duration of sleep (insomnia). This may be associated with abnormally timed or inadequate secretion of melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone involved in coordinating the body's sleep-wake cycle.(More)
System performance management is a broad category of techniques that cover all aspects of obtaining maximum performance or speed from a given design. Items such as sorting methodology, critical path improvements, semiconductor line optimization, power-supply optimization, clock tuning, and cooling are part of performance management. Logic or architecture(More)
Thirteen trauma patients admitted to a major injuries unit were classified according to their injury severity. Urinary excretion of total protein, albumin and gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) activity were assessed over the following 6 days. All patients showed an initial glomerular and tubular proteinuria during the first 24 h which subsided by the(More)
BACKGROUND Difficulties in initiating and maintaining sleep are common in children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Melatonin is unlicensed in children yet widely prescribed for sleep problems. OBJECTIVE To determine whether or not immediate-release melatonin is beneficial compared with placebo in improving total duration of night-time sleep in children(More)
It is sometimes necessary for the contents of medication capsules to be mixed with certain foods and drinks because children are not always able to swallow the capsules. The compatibility and short-term stability (6h) of melatonin capsules mixed in a variety of liquids and foodstuffs (water, orange juice, semi-skimmed milk, strawberry yogurt, and strawberry(More)
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