Allen J. Flynn

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This study investigated blood pressure in guinea pigs while they were 1) alert and free moving, 2) anesthetized with different anesthetics, and 3) exposed to continuous, 115 dB SPL white noise under anesthesia. The animals were prepared with a carotid artery catheter and permitted to recover for 48 h before blood pressure levels were measured. Mean arterial(More)
Guinea pigs and Sprague-Dawley rats were intracerebroventricularly (icv) infused with various doses of angiotensin II (AII) in order to investigate central control of and species differences in cochlear blood flow (CBF) and blood pressure (BP). The results indicated a positive dose-response relationship between icv infusions of AII for BP and CBF in members(More)
Ovariectomized, castrated, and sham-castrated rats pretreated with oil or testosterone were intra-arterially infused with saline and three doses of angiotensin II while blood pressure and cochlear blood flow were measured. The results indicated a positive dose-response relationship for blood pressure and cochlear blood flow. Sham-castrated males had higher(More)
For those with high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol, adherence to a home medication regimen is important for health. Reductions in the number of daily medication-taking events or daily pill burden improve adherence. A novel advice-giving computer application was developed using the SMART platform to generate advice on how to potentially(More)
The specificity of medication-related alerts must be improved to overcome the pernicious effects of alert fatigue. A systematic comparison of new drug orders to historical orders could improve alert specificity and relevance. Using historical order data from a computerized provider order entry system, we alerted physicians to atypical orders during the(More)
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