Allen J. Flynn

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All known guanidino kinases contain a conserved cysteine residue that interacts with the non-nucleophilic eta1-nitrogen of the guanidino substrate. Site-directed mutagenesis studies have shown that this cysteine is important, but not essential for activity. In human muscle creatine kinase (HMCK) this residue, Cys283, forms part of a conserved(More)
Pharmacy has an established history of technology use to support business processes. Pharmacy informatics education within doctor of pharmacy programs, however, is inconsistent, despite its inclusion as a requirement in the 2007 Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education Standards and Guidelines. This manuscript describes pharmacy informatics knowledge(More)
Recently the crystal structure of creatine kinase from Torpedocalifornica was determined to 2.1 A. The dimeric structure revealed two different forms in the unit cell: one monomer was bound to a substrate, MgADP, and the other monomer was bound to a transition-state analogue complex composed of MgADP, nitrate and creatine. The most striking difference(More)
Throughout the world, biomedical knowledge is routinely generated and shared through primary and secondary scientific publications. However, there is too much latency between publication of knowledge and its routine use in practice. To address this latency, what is actionable in scientific publications can be encoded to make it computable. We have created a(More)