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In the axial elements of synaptonemal complexes (SCs) of the rat, major protein components have been identified, with relative electrophoretic mobilities (M rs) of 30 000-33 000 and 190 000. Using monoclonal anti-SC antibodies, we isolated cDNA fragments which encode the 190 000 M r component of rat SCs. The translation product predicted from the nucleotide(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the effectiveness of an evidence based model for management of depression in primary care with support from quality improvement resources. DESIGN Cluster randomised controlled trial. SETTING Five healthcare organisations in the United States and 60 affiliated practices. PATIENTS 405 patients, aged > or = 18 years, starting or(More)
SCP2 and SCP3 are major protein components of the lateral elements (LEs) of synaptonemal complexes (SCs) of the rat, with Mrs of 173, 000 and 30,000. We performed a detailed immunocytochemical comparison of the localization of SCP2 and SCP3 within SCs at the electron microscopic level. The ultrastructural localization of SCP2 and SCP3 was analyzed by(More)
  • A J Dietrich, G T O'Connor, A Keller, P A Carney, D Levy, F S Whaley
  • 1992
OBJECTIVE To test the impact of physician education and facilitator assisted office system interventions on cancer early detection and preventive services. DESIGN A randomised trial of two interventions alone and in combination. SETTING AND SUBJECTS Physicians in 98 ambulatory care practices in the United States. INTERVENTIONS The education(More)
The value and appropriateness of universal postpartum depression (PPD) screening remains controversial in the United States. To date, several PPD screening programs have been introduced and a few have been evaluated. Among those programs that have been evaluated, most report screening rates, diagnosis rates, or treatment initiation rates. Only four studies(More)
During adolescence, there is a steady decline in the use of sun protection and increased use of indoor tanning lights. Previous health education efforts have changed knowledge but not these behaviors. Middle school students (n=113) received a single educational class that included personal viewing of skin changes visible under ultraviolet (UV) filtered(More)
OBJECTIVE A tool kit was developed to help primary care physicians overcome some of the barriers to recognition and management of depression. METHOD Tools were collected from a variety of sources, categorized by function, and evaluated on the basis of previously established criteria, with the best tools selected for inclusion in the tool kit. New tools(More)
SCP1, a major protein component of synaptonemal complexes (SCs), is probably a constituent of the transverse filaments (TFs). The protein consists of three domains: a short, proline-rich N-terminal part, a stretch of 700 amino acid residues capable of forming an amphipathic alpha-helix, and a C-terminal domain of 240 amino acid residues which is capable of(More)
The Study of Outpatient Referral Patterns was conducted in 1998 to examine the nature of the communication relationship between psychiatrists and primary care physicians regarding outpatient referrals. Nationally representative psychiatrists were surveyed (N = 542) regarding their aggregate experience with outpatient referrals from non-psychiatric(More)