Allen H Friedman

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PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate the effect of preoperative functional magnetic resonance (MR) imaging localization of language and motor areas on therapeutic decision making in patients with potentially resectable brain tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS The Institutional Review Board approved this HIPAA-compliant study, and each patient gave written(More)
The accuracy of first-order Euler and higher-order time-integration algorithms for grid-based Langevin equations collision models in a specific relaxation test problem is assessed. We show that statistical noise errors can overshadow time-step errors and argue that statistical noise errors can be conflated with time-step effects. Using a higher-order(More)
LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this article, the participant should: 1. Be able to define indications and timing for secondary cranioplasty. 2. Understand the surgical options for reconstructing the cranium and overlying soft-tissue defect including their advantages and disadvantages. 3. Be able to apply this knowledge to the clinical setting of an(More)
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