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Analysis of recombination between loci (linkage analysis) has been a cornerstone of human genetic research, enabling investigators to localize and, ultimately, identify genetic loci. However, despite these efforts little is known about patterns of meiotic exchange in human germ cells or the mechanisms that control these patterns. Using recently developed(More)
The long-term propagation ofprimary human prostate cancer (PCA)in vivo or in vitro has been rare. Most such PCAS are phenotypically different from most PCAs in humans; i.e., they make little prostate specific antigen and respond little, if at all, to androgen deprivation. A serially transplant able, primary human PCA, designated CWR22, exhibits a clonal(More)
The molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of vas deferens (VD) motility and semen emission are still poorly understood. We now report evidence on VD expression of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which regulates nitric oxide (NO)-induced relaxation and cGMP breakdown in smooth muscle cells. In human VD, the PDE5 abundance was relatively high (>3 x(More)
With the universal adoption of antibiotic prophylaxis prior to prostate biopsy, the current risk of post-biopsy infection (including sepsis) is <2%. Preoperative prophylactic antibiotic regimens can vary, and although fluoroquinolones have emerged as the standard of care, there is no universally agreed upon preoperative antibiotic regimen. Recently, an(More)
We present an unusual case of a single gunshot to the genitalia in which the bullet trajectory injured the urethra, corpus cavernosum, and both testicles. All injuries were successfully repaired during initial exploration. Our report serves as a reminder to clinicians to have a high index of suspicion in this circumstance and consider immediate exploration(More)
Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of autonomic nervous system activity, which reflects an individual's ability to adapt to physiological and environmental changes. Low resting HRV has been linked to several mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and alcohol dependence (Kemp et al. in Biological Psychiatry 67(11):1067-1074, 2010.(More)
With increasing scrutiny of prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis and treatment, much attention has been given to the morbidity caused by radical prostatectomy (RP) and/or radiotherapy (RT). One of the most common side-effects of either treatment is erectile dysfunction (ED). Approximately, 40% of patients will experience ED after RT for PCa. The post-RT ED(More)
INTRODUCTION In clinical trials of drug treatments for women's sexual dysfunction, placebo responses have often been substantial. However, little is known about the clinical significance, specificity, predictors, and potential mechanisms of placebo response in sexual dysfunction. AIM We aimed to determine the nature and predictors of sexual function(More)