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Men and Women of the Corporation
* Introduction The Players And The Stage * Men and Women of the Corporation: The Population * Industrial Supply Corporation: The Setting Roles And Images * Managers * Secretaries * Wives StructuresExpand
A Unified Model of Turnover from Organizations
A model of the turnover process is developed by synthesizing three turnover models: those of Price and Mobley and the model which has developed around the organizational commitment variable. ThisExpand
The relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and strategic management
This study examines the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship intensity and five specific strategic management practices in a sample of 169 U.S. manufacturing firms. The five strategicExpand
The Human Organization of Time: Temporal Realities and Experience
"What is time then?" asked St. Augustine some 1,600 years ago. It was a question he could not answer, and over the centuries that followed, it was one that few scholars dared to address. Yet thereExpand
Polychronicity and the Inventory of Polychronic Values (IPV): The development of an instrument to measure a fundamental dimension of organizational culture
The ten‐item Inventory of Polychronic Values (IPV), a psychometric measure of polychronicity (the extent to which people in a culture prefer to be engaged in two or more tasks or eventsExpand
Time and Organizations
The concept of time is introduced as a major topic for organizational and management research. Including a discussion of differing times and temporalities, macro level research and theory areExpand
Beyond Creative Destruction and Entrepreneurial Discovery: A Radical Austrian Approach to Entrepreneurship
Although Schumpeter's theory on `creative destruction' and Kirzner's on `entrepreneurial discovery' dominate current entrepreneurship research in organization studies, one of the most fundamentalExpand
Organizational behavior implications of the congruence between preferred polychronicity and experienced work‐unit polychronicity
This research hypothesizes that greater congruence between preferred polychronicity (the extent to which an individual prefers to be involved with several tasks simultaneously) and experiencedExpand
How many things do you like to do at once? An introduction to monochronic and polychronic time
Executive Overview Donna Vinton's preceding article provides an overview of many ways that attitudes, values, and beliefs about time can differ. This article presents a detailed look at one of thoseExpand
A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Competing Values Instrument
The competing values framework (CVF) formulated by Quinn and his colleagues was developed to specify the criteria of organizational effectiveness and was later used to study a wide range ofExpand