Allen C. B. Yeo

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Since the early days of thermography in the 1950s, image processing techniques, sensitivity of thermal sensors and spatial resolution have progressed greatly, holding out fresh promise for infrared (IR) imaging techniques. Applications in civil, industrial and healthcare fields are thus reaching a high level of technical performance. The relationship(More)
Recently, thermal imaging has been receiving much attention owing to its application to face recognition in rapid mass fever detection. However, a non-frontal view of the face captured by the camera leads to erroneous temperature measurements. The paper proposes an automated thermal imaging system that is able to discriminate frontal from non-frontal face(More)
AIM To determine if there is a correlation between the cross-sectional areas (CSAs) in a single section and the volumes of muscles and fat in the thigh of sarcopenic and sarcopenic obesity (SO) populations using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and to assess the correlation between thigh MRI data and patient health status, i.e., normal, obese, sarcopenia,(More)
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