Allen Bowling

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Randomised clinical trials are essential for the objective evaluation of different treatment strategies in cancer. However, in the field of oncology, very few of the eligible patients are entered into trials, and most treatments have only been tested on a small percentage of patients. For doctors, a major deterrent to participating in trials is the lack of(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop evidence-based recommendations for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in multiple sclerosis (MS). METHODS We searched the literature (1970-March 2011; March 2011-September 2013 MEDLINE search), classified articles, and linked recommendations to evidence. RESULTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Clinicians might offer oral cannabis(More)
This paper will discuss the broadening of the concept of health to include social and psychological concepts, as well as physical health, and the movement away from narrow conceptions of health and disease. In Europe and in USA, some specialties, particularly in psychiatry and cancer, have made considerable progress in the development of broader(More)
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