Allen Bookatz

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February 2005 | Volume 3 | Issue 2 | e59 The excitement of scientifi c research and discovery cannot be fully conveyed by didactic lectures alone. Several recent initiatives and proposals, therefore, have supported a more participatory, discovery-based instruction for undergraduate science education [1,2]. In functional genomics, we have found an ideal(More)
Using a large consortium of undergraduate students in an organized program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), we have undertaken a functional genomic screen in the Drosophila eye. In addition to the educational value of discovery-based learning, this article presents the first comprehensive genomewide analysis of essential genes involved(More)
To cite: Bookatz A, Jang T. Emerg Med J 2014;31: 343–344. CASE VIGNETTE A 24-year-old man without past medical history complains of left leg swelling and pain. Six weeks ago, he was kicked playing football and developed a non-displaced fracture of his mid-left fibula. He was immobilised and developed normal weight bearing after 4 weeks. Over the last 3(More)
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