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The role of projectors associated with Poisson brackets of constrained Hamiltonian systems is analyzed. Projectors act in two instances in a bracket: in the explicit dependence on the variables and in the computation of the functional derivatives. The role of these projectors is investigated by using Dirac’s theory of constrained Hamiltonian systems.(More)
In this paper we analyze the feasibility of the nger tracking paradigm for multi-nger manipulation introduced in 22] and we relate it to task-directed programming issues. By using the geometry of singularities that arise in solving the instantaneous motion problem we are able to characterize regions of feasibility associated with an initial grasp and(More)
Two n-dimensional unitary representations which differ by complex conjugation or tensoring with a character induce topologicalry equivalent actions on the Grassmann manifold of complex m-planes in «-space. This paper shows under modest dimension hypotheses that only such projectively equivalent linear representations of compact connected Lie groups can give(More)
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