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We measure the distribution of lifetimes for UNIX processes and propose a functional form that fits this distribution well. We use this functional form to derive a policy for preemptive migration, and then use a trace-driven simulator to compare our proposed policy with other preemptive migration policies, and with a non-preemptive load balancing strategy.(More)
We develop a workload model based on the observed behavior of parallel computers at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and the Cornell Theory Center. This model gives us insight i n to the performance of strategies for scheduling malleable jobs on space-sharing parallel computers. We nd that Adaptive Static Partitioning ASP, which has been reported to work(More)
The study and design of computer systems requires good models of the workload to which these systems are subjected. Until recently, the data necessary to build these models---observations from production installations---were not available, especially for parallel computers. Instead, most models were based on assumptions and mathematical attributes that(More)