Allegra Cairns

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Calcium (Ca) concentrations are decreasing in softwater lakes across eastern North America and western Europe. Using long-term contemporary and palaeo-environmental field data, we show that this is precipitating a dramatic change in Canadian lakes: the replacement of previously dominant pelagic herbivores (Ca-rich Daphnia species) by Holopedium glacialis, a(More)
The electron heating of the solar coronal plasma has remained one of the most important problems in solar physics. An explanation of the electron heating rests on the identification of the energy source and appropriate physical mechanisms via which the energy can be channelled to the electrons. Our objective here is to present an estimate for the electron(More)
This experimental work was concerned with comparison of inlet valve actuation strategies in a thermodynamic single cylinder spark ignition research engine equipped with a mechanical fully variable valvetrain on both the inlet and exhaust. The research involved study of the effects of the valvetrain on combustion, fuel economy and emissions when used to(More)
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