Alle-Jan Van Der Veen

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CONTEXT The World Food Programme estimated that 10 million people were at risk of starvation in Ethiopia in 2000 but later reported that a famine had been averted. However, no population-based data on mortality or nutrition existed for Gode district, at the epicenter of the famine in the Somali region of Ethiopia. OBJECTIVES To estimate mortality rates,(More)
1.1 INTRODUCTION As demonstrated in other chapters in this book, the deployment of multiple antennas at the transmit and receive side (multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)) can result in a significant capacity increase. This is due to two effects: (i) diversity, i.e., robustness against fading of the channel between a transmit and a receive antenna, and(More)
Two unknown non-white stochastic sources (e.g. speech signals) are dynamically mixed by an unknown multi-path channel and subsequently measured by two sensors. The objective is to construct an inverse lter that separates the two signals, based only on their independence. It is known that, under certain conditions, second-order statistics provide suucient(More)
In many cases where direction nding is of interest, the signals impinging on an antenna array are known to be phase modulated, hence to have a constant mod-ulus (CM). This is a strong property, by itself already suucient for source separation, and can be used to construct improved direction nding algorithms. We rst present the relevant Cramer-Rao bounds for(More)
| Deterministic blind beamforming algorithms try to separate superpositions of source signals impinging on a phased antenna array, by using deterministic properties of the signals or the channels such as their constant modulus or directions-of-arrival. Unlike optimal or adaptive methods, the algebraic methods discussed in this review act on a xed block of(More)
BACKGROUND Interest in measuring cortisol in scalp hair is increasing because of its assumed ability to provide a historical timeline of previous systemic levels of cortisol. Yet, it remains uncertain how well hair cortisol represents the total systemic secretion of cortisol over time. METHODS Ten healthy individuals collected 24-h urine samples for 63(More)
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