Allan de M. Martins

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Recent studies have demonstrated that correntropy is an efficient tool for analyzing higher order statistical moments in non-Gaussian noise environments. Although correntropy has been used with complex data, no theoretical study was pursued to elucidate its properties, nor how to best use it for optimization. By using a probabilistic interpretation, this(More)
Automatic modulation classification (AMC) techniques have applications in a variety of wireless communication scenarios, such as adaptive systems, cognitive radio, and surveillance systems. However, a common requirement to most of the AMC techniques proposed in the literature is the use of signal preprocessing modules, which can increase the computational(More)
A visão possui muitos sensores responsáveis pela captação de informações que são enviadas ao cérebro. O olhar reflete a sua atenção, intenção e interesse. Sendo assim, a detecção da direção do olhar é uma alternativa promissora para a comunicação com a máquina. A aplicação de técnicas para detecção da direção do olhar tem a possibilidade de melhorar(More)
Recent studies have demonstrated that correntropy is an efficient tool for analyzing higher-order statistical moments in nonGaussian noise environments. Although it has been used with complex data, some adaptations were then necessary without deriving a generic form so that similarities between complex random variables can be aggregated. This paper presents(More)
Dynamic Neural networks have been verified as identifiers due to its capability for manipulating processes in parallel and enduring noisy sorts of the input signals. They make them outstanding contenders for system identification applications. This paper presents a method for a black box system identification based on Elman neural network (ENN) for thermal(More)
The System identification explores ways to obtain mathematical models of an unknown system. However, as a result from the intrinsic random nature of system or from the environment noise, it is very hard to find a perfect mathematical representation of a real system. This paper aims to evaluate the Maximum Correntropy Criterion (MCC) performance using the(More)
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