Allan William Hammond

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INTRODUCTION Diabetics, smokers, patients with open fractures and drug addicts have shown to be at increased risk of having wound complications with traditional calcaneus fixation. The purpose of the study is to examine if high-risk patients with intra-articular calcaneus fractures can be managed safely using percutaneous reduction and fixation by examining(More)
The response of male cabbage looper (CL) and soybean iooper (SBL) moths was observed in the flight tunnel and measured in field tests to the six-component CL pheromone, the five-component SBL pheromone, and toZ7–12: OAc, the major component common to each pheromone. In both the flight tunnel and the field, male CL exhibited significantly greater levels of(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to examine the safety and access talonavicular arthroscopy provides for the purpose of arthrodesis through dorsomedial and dorsolateral portals in a cadaveric model. METHODS The talonavicular joints of 8 cadaveric specimens were arthroscopically debrided, by use of a dorsomedial instrumentation portal and a(More)
Analysis of sex pheromone glands from individual female soybean looper moths showed that in addition to the previously identified main component (Z)-7-dodecenyl acetate, the compounds dodecyl acetate, 11-dodecenyl acetate, (Z)-7-dodecenyl propionate, and (Z)-7-dodecenyl butanoate were also produced. Two of the components, 12∶OAc and 11–12∶OAc, were not(More)
Tibial plafond fractures are technically challenging and have the potential for serious complications. Minimizing soft tissue trauma can compromise visualization of articular reduction. There has been recent interest in the use of arthroscopy to improve visualization of plafond fractures while preserving the soft tissue envelope. Here the authors offer some(More)
Posteromedial and posterolateral reconstructions of the knee are frequently required in the management of knee dislocations. This study compares the accuracy of radiographic reference points to established anatomical landmarks in reproducing the isometric points of the posteromedial corner and posterolateral corner (PLC) of the knee. Posteromedial and(More)
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