Allan Wang

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Many new therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease delay the accumulation of amyloid-β (Aβ) in transgenic mice, but evidence for clearance of preexisting plaques is often lacking. Here, we demonstrate that anti-Aβ immunotherapy combined with suppression of Aβ synthesis allows significant removal of antecedent deposits. We treated amyloid-bearing tet-off APP(More)
In a now popular video game, pugnacious birds are catapulted at jumbled debris, with the goal of liberating their entrapped comrades. Analogously, potentiation of the cognition-mediating transcriptional factor, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)-response element binding protein (CREB), or its downstream effectors, may release memory or cognitive function(More)
Ultra-low power microsystems are gaining interest due to their applicability in critical areas of societal need. Power management in these microsystems is a major challenge as a relatively high battery voltage (ex: 4V) must be down-converted to several low supplies, such as 0.6V for near-threshold digital circuits and 1.2V for analog circuits [1].(More)
In this work we describe mixed-signal stochastic computing (MSSC) and demonstrate how it can be used to efficiently integrate computation into a signal path before data conversion. MSSC performs computation directly on the analog values output by sensors, which enables MSSC to combine the area efficiency of traditional stochastic computing with the(More)
Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a clinical syndrome of language decline caused by neurodegenerative pathology. Although language impairments in PPA are typically localized via the morphometric assessment of atrophy, functional changes may accompany or even precede detectable structural alterations, in which case resting state functional connectivity(More)
Lateral elbow tendinopathy, commonly known as tennis elbow, is a condition that can cause significant functional impairment in working-age patients. The term tendinopathy is used to describe chronic overuse tendon disorders encompassing a group of pathologies, a spectrum of disease. This review details the pathophysiology of tendinopathy and tendon healing(More)
Forearm rotation is a key function in the upper extremity. Following distal radius fracture, residual disability may occur in tasks requiring forearm rotation. The objectives of this study are to define pronation and supination strength profiles tested through the range of forearm rotation in normal individuals, and to evaluate the rotational strength(More)
BACKGROUND Partial thickness supraspinatus tears and tendonosis can be managed either nonoperatively or by various arthroscopic techniques. New biologic treatment approaches are currently being investigated. MRI is commonly used for objective imaging outcome evaluation but there is a lack of reliability studies. We propose a novel MRI classification of(More)