Allan Singh

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The nonlinearity inherent in the traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifier distorts amplified signals and results in reduced efficiency and bandwidth, limiting its use in communication and electronic countermeasure applications. Signal predistortion is an effective technique for suppressing nonlinear distortion in TWTs that provides high suppression and requires(More)
This paper presents an experimental investigation of the spatial evolution and sensitivity of third-order nonlinear distortion suppression obtained by harmonic injection in a TWT to fundamental frequency shifts as well as injected second harmonic amplitude and phase shifts. Harmonic injection schemes offer a promising solution to reduce the nonlinear(More)
Development of teliospores interlaced by dermata in clathroid spore balls by the aquatic smut Narasimhania alismatis Pavgi & Thirumalachar was achieved in artificial culture. The spores are morphologically similar to the spore balls in the host (Alisma reniforme D. Don.) leaf. The teliospore development is not conditioned by any nutritrional factor(s) and(More)
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