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Collagen is the most important structural protein of the animal body. Its unique triple-helix structure and extremely high level of crystallinity make it exceptionally efficient in generating the second harmonic of incident light, and we show here how this leads to a novel mode of microscopy of immediate practical significance in medicine and biology. In(More)
The lateral organization of cellular membranes is formed by the clustering of specific lipids, such as cholesterol and sphingolipids, into highly condensed domains (termed lipid rafts). Hence such domains are distinct from the remaining membrane by their lipid structure (liquid-ordered vs. -disordered domains). Here, we directly visualize membrane lipid(More)
The present investigation concerns the true morphology of the attachment of the two otolith receptor organs the utricular and the saccular maculae in two and three dimensions. By applying a new visualization method, which utilized the application of X-ray microtomography and a method of contrast enhancement based on en-bloc staining in osmium tetroxide, we(More)
The presence of microtomy induced distortion in paraffin sections is a significant hindrance to the accurate alignment of sections for three-dimensional reconstructive techniques. Measurements of section distortion in various rat tissues demonstrated distortions to be present in all sections, with over 85% of such distortions being manifest as expansions(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the effect of different orthodontic force levels on cementum, investigating from the point of view of its physical properties, alterations in the mineral components, type and location of the resorption craters and the exploration in 3D of space. DESIGN In vivo human premolars subjected to heavy and light forces were employed for this(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to characterise the mineral density (MD) of natural enamel white spot lesions (WSLs) using X-ray micro-tomography calibrated with different density hydroxyapatite phantoms. METHODS Seven natural WSLs from four extracted non-carious premolar teeth were scanned at a voxel size of 7.6 microm using a desktop X-ray(More)
INTRODUCTION Intrusion is a critical type of orthodontic tooth movement in relation to external root resorption. Our aims in this prospective randomized clinical trial were to quantify, 3 dimensionally, the amount of root resorption when controlled light and heavy intrusive forces were applied to human premolars and to establish the sites where root(More)
INTRODUCTION Orthodontic treatment with clear sequential removable thermoplastic appliances (TAs) is gaining popularity as an alternative to treatment with fixed appliances. The amount of orthodontically induced inflammatory root resorption generated by such appliances has not been investigated. In this prospective randomized clinical trial, we used x-ray(More)
The aim of this study was to measure the accuracy and reproducibility of volumetric estimations obtained by a commercial software used to measure resorption craters induced by orthodontic forces. Twenty human first maxillary premolars were selected and divided into light and heavy force groups with 25 and 225 g of force applied to the upper-right first(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this investigation was to assess the effect of low magnitude high frequency (LMHF) mechanical vibrated stimulation on healing the defects surgically imposed on craniofacial bones. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty 12-week-old C3H strain mice were separated into surgical and non-surgical groups. The surgical groups had a reproducible surgical(More)