Allan R. Hunt

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Increased rates of work disability and its associated costs have prompted businesses to develop innovative approaches to managing the health and productivity of the work force. The paper 1) provides practitioners with the results of research that demonstrates the importance of employer organizational factors in preventing and resolving work disability, and(More)
Introduction Demand-side employment research on company policies and practices related to retention and absence and disability management (ADM) can contribute to our understanding of employment issues related to people with disabilities from the employers’ perspective. Aim To examine company ADM and retention practices and their effectiveness, as well as(More)
This paper replicates the recent findings that the employment rate among all disabled persons has declined since the ADA. A closer look at this decline, however, indicates that the source of this measured decline in employment is the result of a tremendous drop in the labor force participation rate among the disabled. While also of potential concern,(More)
This study’s purpose was to assess the agreement between management and employee ratings of organizational policies and practices (OPP) involved in the return to work process following carpal tunnel surgery. As a part of the prospective community-based Maine Carpal Tunnel II Study, 65 manager and employee pairs completed a questionnaire tapping four OPP(More)